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Ben Sturmfels
Ben Sturmfels, Lead Developer

Through creative use of computing, we help your organisation get more done in less time.

Established in 2004, Sturm (formerly Software Freedom Labs) is a software development business based in Brown Hill, Australia. Our expertise is free software and usability design.

Why free software?

Many software developers write proprietary or non-free software. A restrictive licence prescribes how you may (or may not) use the software, prohibits sharing and prevents you modifying it to suit your needs. That's just not fair.

In contrast, we write and use free software. Free software can be used, shared and modified as you wish. Here the term "free" refers to your freedom, not the price of the software (think free speech, not free lunch). We believe that these freedoms are essential to sustainable organisations and communities.

Importantly, this approach also lets you to choose who works on your software. You're never locked in to working with us. Our clients find this approach refreshing, and enjoy the trusting and respectful relationship with us.

Ben Sturmfels (Lead Developer) speaks regularly on issues of freedom in computing and also organises the Free Software Melbourne.

For more, see What is free software by the Free Software Foundation.

Featured projects

Students Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

We exceeded the Victorian Government's stringent usability and accessibility requirements in implementing their new visual design.

Ride to Work logo Ride to Work

Ride to Work is a national program to encourage healthy and sustainable transport and workplaces.

“The registration system is smooth and incredibly easy to use. I have no doubt that this helped us reach our record 45,000 registrations in 2011. Ben’s guidance and responsiveness is a great asset to have on any project.”

— Anthony Aisenburg, Ride to Work

Great Victorian Bike Ride logo Great Victorian Bike Ride

We built a high-volume barcode system to help feed thousands of hungry riders during meal service.

Super Tuesday T-shirt Super Tuesday Bike Count

By saving staff time and simplifying data collection, we helped the event scale to thousands of volunteers counting at locations all over Australia. The resulting bike riding statistics guide local governments in the planning of infrastructure.

“The team were thorough, dedicated and easy to work with. They provided user-friendly solutions to the complex problems of our event. I recommend them.”

— Jeff McPhan, Super Tuesday